UNM Anderson Dinner for 12 Strangers

Arrive as Strangers, Leave as Friends!

Remember those great discussions you used to get into with your profs and fellow students? Like the idea of meeting new and interesting people connected to the Anderson School of Management? How about exchanging ideas and experiences in a casual environment?

What is the Dinner for 12 Strangers?

The Dinner for 12 Strangers program is an opportunity for alumni to connect with UNM students, faculty and other alums. Local Anderson alumni host a dinner in their home in an effort to connect with students, faculty and alumni in the same area of concentration to network and discuss the latest trends in the business community.

Who attends?

You! We need you to participate as a host or a guest. If you know alumni, faculty or students who would like to get involved please let us know. Remember—12 is just a suggestion. The number of guests will be determined based on the space of the host.

Where are the dinners?

A local Anderson alumni home! We invite alumni, faculty and students to participate. We ask guests if they have meal restrictions and try to accommodate that as best we can. If you know any other alumni, faculty, or students who would like to get involved please let us know. There is no agenda! We simply want you to communicate and connect with the UNM Anderson community. Of course, the more you know about Anderson School of Management, the more you can share what we do and promote the benefits of obtaining your education at UNM ANDERSON!

If you are interested in hosting or attending a dinner, contact (505) 277-6148 for more information.