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DEADLINE: Friday, December 5, 2014 at 11:59 PM

The Anderson School of Management Hall of Fame has recognized the best and the brightest of our alumni for the past 26 years. As such, Hall of Fame inductees chosen to receive this prestigious award should not only meet the high standards established for the honor, but they should be individuals of character and integrity, who are also noted for their community involvement.

Nominators will be asked to provide a professional vitae or resume and additional supportive material about the individual they are nominating for the Hall of Fame. Young Alumni nominees must be 40 years or younger to be nominated for this award. The Advancement Committee of the Anderson School of Management Foundation reviews all nominees and determines whether they meet the criteria. A sub-committee of board members and past honorees makes the final selection.

Eligibility Criteria

Professional Success - Status in organization, level of responsibility, entrepreneurial success (if applicable), demonstrated impact on organizational growth, success resulting from professional activities.

Contribution to the Community - Public service, involvement and leadership in community activities, involvement and leadership in professional organizations.

Involvement/Support for Continuing Education (including Anderson/UNM) - Ongoing personal and professional development and advanced degrees. Participation/support and commitment to life-long learning opportunities for others.

Federal and State elected or appointed officials (or persons actively seeking these offices) are ineligible for consideration for this award as they may be actively involved in funding decisions affecting the University. They become eligible after their public term has ended. All other officials with no conflict of interest or direct business with UNM are eligible for this award.

Nominees will be evaluated on their professional success, contribution to the community and support for continuing education (including UNM and Anderson).

If you have any questions contact Felicia Rodriquez or call (505) 277-1504.

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