Centers & Conferences Information at Anderson

  • Student Technology Support Center (STSC)

    The computer lab at Anderson is open to Anderson students. Specialized software used in Anderson courses is installed on lab computers. Students can also check out laptops from the STSC.
  • Johnson Marketing Center

    Anderson opened the new Student Marketing Center and provides amenities in the 500 square-foot facility include four workstations with specialized creative and marketing research software, wireless Internet connectivity for laptops, video teleconferencing capabilities, and a LCD presentation system.
  • Information Assurance Lab

    Students in the Information Assurance program have access to a specialized computer lab where they can work on projects and research.
  • Anderson Advisement Center

    Stop by the Anderson Advisement Center to make sure you are on the path to graduation and a career.
  • Jackson Student Center

    The Jackson Student Center is a busy place. From the annual CEO Lecture Series to Speed Networking events, you are bound to grow your network and expand your understanding of the business landscape.
  • Financial Services Center

    The Anderson Financial Center features a video wall used to display news, real-time stock feeds, and other financial information. Students managing the investment portfolio meet in this state-of-the-art boardroom for class.

Anderson has a number of centers and programs that serve our students, faculty and community. The links on the left-hand side provide access to these centers and programs.

Anderson Conferences

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