UNM Anderson McKinnon CEO Lecture Series with Carlos Perea

Carlos Perea

Former CEO and now Chairman of MIOX Corporation

Lessons Learned from a Serial Entrepreneur on Clean Technologies

September 7, 2012

Carlos Perea Carlos Perea is the former CEO and now Chairman of MIOX Corporation, a technology company that is creating value by focusing to solve one of the world’s most pressing issues: the need for affordable, safe, and healthy water. His lecture, Lessons Learned from a Serial Entrepreneur on Clean Technologies, will look at the unique product and funding issues of clean tech ventures, the unusual adoption risks they face compared with other technology markets, and the lessons learned in trying to change the market from industries with decades-long fixed practices.

Carlos earned his B.S. Mechanical Engineering degree from the University of New Mexico and his MBA from Stanford Graduate School of Business. Before joining MIOX, he was the founding and managing partner of Entrada Ventures, a special acquisition fund. He also served as the President of Qynergy Corporation, an alternative energy company, CFO of Novalux, a semi conductor laser company, and held many roles at Intel including Manufacturing Manager where he was responsible for a significant portion of the company’s water processing.