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Anderson Dean's Office

The Anderson Administration staff is vital to the School's day-to-day functions. Information about each individual is listed below.

Craig White

Shawn Berman

Leslie A. Boni

Jacqueline Hood
  • Jacqueline Hood
  • Department Chair
  • Phone: (505) 277-7279
  • Office: ASM 2122
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  • Bio: Jackie Hood is the Chair of the Organizational Studies Department and Creative Enterprise Endowed Professor at the Anderson School of Management. Dr. Hood has written numerous articles for management, entrepreneurship, and psychology journals and has presented a number of papers at academic conferences. Her current research areas include adult attachment, bullying in the workplace, management of diversity, and networking and social capital. In addition to her academic research and teaching, Dr. Hood has served as an organizational behavior and organizational development consultant to a variety of international organizations. Her consulting activities have included top management team building, executive coaching, facilitating strategic management initiatives, mediating conflict situations, and management training for executives. Dr. Hood’s teaching includes classes in Organizational Behavior and Diversity, Leadership, Power and Influence, Team Dynamics, and other topics related to the management of people in organizations.

Leslie Oakes

Steven Yourstone

Deborah Bower

Leslie Venzuela

Lisa McHale

Deirdre Markham