Services for Faculty and Staff

Windows 8.1 Update 1 Build and Images

Develop, test and deploy 64-bit Windows 8.1 Update 1 images for faculty, staff and student facing computers.

Technology Purchasing

Manage, plan and execute technology purchases that offer the best value using UNM's strategic partner -- Dell. Consult with faculty and staff to discuss options that are non-standard. Work with Dell to explore/test seed units.

SharePoint Usage

Work with faculty and staff at Anderson and across campus that are interested in using UNM's SharePoint installation to share documents within their departments. Provide support for iPad integration with UNM SharePoint.

Data Reporting and Analysis

Provide data and analysis to faculty and staff based on data available in UNM's Operational Data Warehouse (UNM ODS).

Inventory Management

Work with administrators and UNM Property Accounting to ensure that inventory records are accurate, technology is tracked/tagged and that UNM policy is followed.


Work with faculty and staff to manage Anderson's public facing websites.


Provide VLAB access to faculty using specialized software so that students can work remotely. Provide training to faculty and students on VLAB usage.


Provide VPN access to Anderson resources such as Z drive access.

Classroom Technology Support

Maintain and manage classroom technology (PCs, A/V, power, Wi-Fi and podiums).

Technical Support

For technical support, visit the Student Technical Support Center (STSC) on the 1st floor of Anderson's west wing. You can also contact us at or (505) 277-6094.