Purchasing a Laptop

If you are in need of a laptop, UNM has arranged for special pricing on Dell laptops. There are also options for purchasing larger and smaller systems available to suit your individual needs.

In order to protect your new investment from theft, we highly recommend that you include CompuTrace (included in price) and StopTheft as part of your purchase.

You may also need Microsoft Office, which is not included. Given the fluctuation in prices that we received with the initial quotes, we recommend that you check the UNM bookstore, the Dell web site, or other sources for the best pricing at the time of your purchase.

Visit the Dell's Anderson web site for the Anderson school recommended system configuration. If you already own a laptop or are considering a laptop different from the one we have recommended, please contact the Anderson IS staff to answer your questions.

We highly recommend that you purchase Windows 7 Professional when configuring your laptop.

Recommended Software

To protect your system from network and malicious code attacks we recommend that you use the following free applications (commercial solutions will work as well):


The primary benefit of purchasing an Anderson recommended laptop is onsite support for any hardware and many software failures. If your Dell system experiences any failures, the STSC staff in ASM 1001 will troubleshoot it for you while it is covered under Dell warranty. If it is a software problem, the staff will be able to rebuild your system the way it was when it shipped from the factory. If it is a hardware problem, a Dell certified technician from the Anderson Information Systems staff will replace the component for you. You will be able to check out a laptop, if one is available, for class while yours is being repaired. Other devices like mice, battery packs, hard drives, etc., will NOT be loaned out. Requirements for checking out a laptop from the STSC can be obtained by clicking the following: Laptop Checkout Program

Support will be available for Dell laptops that are still under warranty and for Anderson faculty, staff and students. Anderson Alumni will also be eligible for support if their Dell laptop is under warranty. Dell units that have an expired warranty are NOT eligible. For those who purchased a Dell laptop from sources other than the Anderson web site, their laptop will only be eligible for warranty parts replacement if a “3 Year Limited Warranty plus 3 Year NBD On-site Service and CompleteCare” is current.

Click here for more information about the Student Tech Support Center.

UNM Financial Aid

If you require assistance with the purchase of your laptop, we would recommend that you first contact the UNM Financial Aid Office and explore all available grants and programs that may be available. The criteria to qualify for financial aid will vary from student to student.