UNM Learn Documentation & Support

Welcome to UNM Learn Documentation and Support through the Anderson School of Management. This area provides information about the UNM Blackboard Learn online environment for both instructors and students. Since UNM Learn is an extensive Learning Management System with multiple tools, the current instructor documentation is broken down into specific, goal-oriented PDF documents designed to assist instructors in completing specific tasks within UNM Learn, such as creating tests and assignments.

Student documentation consists of common tasks, such as checking grades and taking quizzes. Students are encouraged to view this data in order to solve common Learn issues or concerns.

In addition to the information found on this site, the Anderson School of Management currently has two Learn assistants who are present to aid both instructors and students with Learn. The Learn assistants are available to instructors for Learn training, help with Learn issues that may arise, and continuous course support throughout the semester. If you are an instructor teaching on online or web-enhanced course, please feel free to contact the Learn assistants at 505-277-6094 with questions about setting up a meeting or training session.  


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