MGMT 306/506 Research Participation

The Department of Organizational Studies Research Participation Program gives students the unique opportunity to observe fist-hand how research management is conducted.  Students will apply their learning experience by participating in ongoing research studies that form the basis of theories and results learned in class.  Most importantly, students are creating new knowledge by contributing to research being conducted at Anderson School of Management.  All students in MGMT 306 and MGMT 506 are required to complete 2 research participation credits. 

Credits can be earned by:

  1. Participating in research - should you choose to participate in research (vs. the paper alternative), you will choose studies in which to participate through SONA systems.
  2. Research participation alternative - write brief papers that summarize theory, methods and results of published research.

No partial research participation credits will be granted.  In order to receive the full 5% of your final grade, students must complete both research participation credits.


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