Article Review Alternative

The written assignment is offered as an alternative for those students who do not wish to participate in the marketing sessions. Students who complete the written assignment will read, summarize, and comment on a published academic work from the list below. Full articles can be accessed through the UNM libraries. Completed alternative assignments should be emailed to on, or before, the last day of the marketing session for which the student would like credit. For example, if the last day to participate in Marketing Session A is September 16, then the written assignment should be emailed on, or before, September 16. Each completed alternative assignment counts as one research credit, and no late submissions will be accepted.

  • The Bottom Dollar Effect: The Influence of Spending to Zero on Pain of Payment and Satisfaction, RL Soster, AD Gershoff, and WO Bearden, Journal of Consumer Research, 2014.
  • Recycling Gone Bad: When the Option to Recycle Increases Resource Consumption, JR Catlin and Y Wang - Journal of Consumer Psychology, 2013.
  • Spatial Categorization and Time Perception: Why Does It Take Less Time to Get Home?, P Raghubir, V Morwitz, and A Chakravarti, Journal of Consumer Psychology, 2011.
  • Seeing is Eating: How and When Activation of a Negative Stereotype Increases Stereotype-Conducive Behavior, MC Campbell and GS Mohr, Journal of Consumer Research, 2011.