Frequently Asked Questions

What are the qualifications for participation?

Many qualifications depend on the specific study in question. However, all participants for all studies must be 18 years of age or older. Additionally, a person may only participate in a study once and must sign a “consent to participate” form prior to participation.

Who can participate?

Currently, only enrolled Anderson students may participate in research. Participants are recruited through specific courses and compensated either through standard course credit (MGMT 306/506 Research Participation Program) or extra credit in other select classes.

How can I be sure that a study is ethical?

All studies associated with the lab have been reviewed and approved by the UNM Institutional Review Board (IRB) ( to ensure the safety, rights and dignity of individuals involved in human research. All prospective participants are provided a consent form to review prior to participation that outlines the tasks and procedures involved in the study. A person may elect not to participate after reviewing this form without penalty of any kind. A person may also elect to withdraw from a study at any time without penalty.

Are my responses confidential?

All data collected are kept strictly confidential, to the extent permitted by law. The only persons with access to data are those directly associated with the experiment. Data are typically kept in locked files in locked lab rooms.

Will my responses be used for profit?

Absolutely not. The purpose of research conducted in the Behavioral Lab is to augment scientific understanding in the field of management.

What will happen in my lab session?

Each study involves somewhat different tasks. Your study session may involve tasks like: responding to survey questions (personality, attitudes, or values), evaluating job candidates, participating in a mock interview, completing job screening tests, or participating in an interactive management simulation. Many other tasks are possible and depend on the nature of the research questions being investigated.

SONA Login

I can’t find a link to SONA Systems. Where do I go?

You can access SONA Systems here: We suggest you bookmark the page.

I can’t login to SONA Systems. What do I do?

1. Please make sure that you are using the username and password provided by the Anderson Behavioral Lab. Your login credentials for SONA Systems are different than those for LoboWeb. If you continue to have problems, don’t hesitate to contact us.

2. You can also reset your password by clicking on the "Forgot Password?" button located to the right of the login fields on the SONA login page. If you continue to have problems, please contact us at

Immediately after I login, I am taken back to the login page with a message that my authentication has expired. What does this mean?

Your web browser is not properly configured to accept cookies. You should turn on cookies in your web browser, use a different web browser (for example, try Firefox if you are currently using Internet Explorer), or try a different computer. You can find detailed instructions if you go to the front page of the SONA site and enter the URL “cookie_help.aspx” in place of “default.aspx” in the address bar of the browser. You can also try to use another computer. Usually the computers in university computer labs are configured correctly.

How do I change the email address where email notifications from the system are sent?

Click “My Profile” on the menu at the top of the page. You will then see the option to enter an alternate email address. Click “Update” at the bottom of the page when you finish.

Lab Session Sign-Up

How do I register for a lab session?

You can register for a lab session by logging into SONA and choosing the “Studies” option from the top toolbar, or the green button labeled "View Available Studies". Then click the “Timeslots Available” option next to the study for which you wish to register. The site will direct you to a “Study Information” page. Click the link at the bottom of page, “View Timeslots for This Study". You can then click the “Sign Up” button next to the timeslot that you want.

How will I know when a new study becomes available?

You will receive an email notification from the Anderson Behavioral Lab when a new study becomes available.

I can sign up for some studies again even if I participated before, while others don’t allow me to do so. Why is this?

Not all studies allow you to participate more than once. Researchers can choose whether their studies allow you to participate more than once.

I was prevented from signing up for a study because the study I was trying to sign up for is a disqualifier for another study in which I am scheduled to participate. Why is this?

Disqualifiers are studies in which you must not have participated to be able to participate in certain other studies. If you have signed up for a study that has disqualifiers, you may not then sign up for the studies that are listed as the disqualifier studies. You are allowed to sign up for the disqualifier studies if they will take place after the study with disqualifiers, or if you have already participated in (and received credit for) the study with disqualifiers. The easiest way to sign up for both studies is to schedule the disqualifier study at a time later than the study with disqualifiers.

How do I cancel or reschedule my session?

You can cancel your session on SONA Systems up to one minute in advance of the session. Click the “My Schedule/Credits” option from the top toolbar. You will see the study that you have signed up for. Click “Cancel” and then "Yes, I want to cancel" on the following page to cancel your sign-up immediately. You can sign up for another session with any open timeslots.

Arrival for Sessions

Where is the Anderson Behavioral Lab?

The lab is located in the McKinnon Center for Management (MCM) on the fourth floor in room 4010. Enter the main doors, check-in with the Research Assistant (RA), andseat yourself in the lobby. At your scheduled session time, an RA will escort you to your study session.

When should I arrive for my study session?

It is crucial that you arrive at least 5 minutes early for your lab session. If you miss or arrive late to two sessions, you will be ineligible to sign up for more studies. If you need to cancel or reschedule, you may do this yourself via the SONA Systems website at least one minute in advance of your session. If you have an emergency that causes you to miss your session and you were unable to cancel, please e-mail us at In this case, we require supporting documentation (e.g. doctor’s note) to avoid a lockout penalty.

Credits Earned

How do I know how many credits I have completed?

You can track your progress at any time by choosing the “My Schedule/Credits” option from the top toolbar. When you view this page, you will see at the top a list of the number of credits you are expected to earn and how many you have earned so far.

I participated in a study, but I have yet to receive credit. How do I receive credit?

The researcher will grant you credit shortly after your participation. If it has been some time and you have still not received credit, contact the researcher at

I wrote a paper instead of participating in studies. How do I know I have completed my requirements?

View the “My Schedule/Credits” page to see if you have received your credit for completing the research paper option.

Privacy & Confidentiality

Who can see the information about my sign-ups? I don’t want everyone to know which studies I signed up for.

The researcher, principal investigator, and subject pool administrator of the study may see that you have signed up for a study. No other users, including other researchers or your instructor, may see this information.

What happens to my individual data? Can you identify me through this data?

All data collected are kept strictly confidential, to the extent permitted by law. The only persons with access to data are those directly associated with the experiment. Data are typically kept in locked files in locked lab rooms. Because no personally identifying information is collected from you during the session, it will not be possible to ever match your responses to you as an individual.

Additional Questions? Please contact with any questions not addressed in this FAQ.