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Lab Resources

Following are some of the resources associated with the Anderson Behavioral Lab.

Lab Space

The lab is currently located in two rooms (ASM 2151A & 2151B) on the second floor, east side of the Anderson School of Management building. Each room includes workstations equipped with laptop computers, wireless mice, and headphones.


MediaLab: Software from Empirisoft that facilitates a wide range of possible study types: from simple text-only surveys to more complex experimental designs involving video, audio, and pictures.

DirectRT: Software from Empirisoft that facilitates reaction time experiments.

Participant Pools

Department of Organizational Studies (DOS): DOS operates a student research participation program associated with its core Organizational Behavior courses, MGMT 306 & MGMT 506. Sona Systems participant management software (web-based) is used to facilitate recruiting, participant sign up, and credit granting.