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Endless Possibilities by Raby Sylla

I moved to the United States at the age of nine from Conakry. I’ve lived in Virginia, South Carolina, and now reside in Albuquerque New Mexico. It took me some time, but I now realize that there is no place like Albuquerque. I’ve been here for years, yet I discover new things every day.

When beginning my academic journey at Anderson’s School of Management (ASM), I wanted to do everything. The choices were endless, and I was here for it. I was exposed to so many options and possibilities that I wanted to do it all. So, I decided to pursue a dual bachelor’s degree in International Management and Finance, with a minor in French. Fast forward to debating where to attend graduate school. I’ve always felt a sense of community at the Anderson School and Albuquerque as a whole. I had no doubt that I wanted to pursue a master’s in accounting (MACCT). I have a huge circle of supportive family, friends, and advisors to thank for helping me keep my eye on the bigger picture. The MACCT program here at Anderson is unique because it allows you to balance school and personal life. If you are like me and did not obtain a bachelor’s degree in accounting, you still have access to the program within the MACCT Professional track. You can tailor your schedule to fit your needs.

Believe me when I say the possibilities are endless when it comes to continuing your education at ASM. Everyone, I repeat, everyone, wants to see you win. I currently work as an Accounting Coordinator for STC.UNM and I have Anderson Career Services to thank for the email blast connecting students with potential employers.

I will end with, if you enjoy being surrounded with people from all walks of life, enjoy nature, bipolar weather, authentic food, a school that will challenge you academically, and let’s not forget the colors cherry red and silver, I’ll be seeing you at the Anderson School of Management!

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