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Finding Opportunity with Deisy Ruiz

Anderson School of Management shaped me, a first-generation Latina college student, into the young professional that I am today. Anderson shined a light on all of the career options available to students with their degrees, and Anderson paved my path to working at one of the four largest accounting firms in the world. The volume of opportunities in attending information sessions, career fairs, internship fairs, involvement in student organization is extraordinary. My first time attending Anderson’s career fair gave me a glimpse of the professional I aspired to be, and I knew Anderson was going to get me there. Anderson students come from all backgrounds, and I’ve met some of my closest friends there. I built strong relationships with my professors and became heavily involved in student organizations. Those decisions ultimately made my personal experience as a business student gratifying. It was evident that professors and faculty truly cared about my future and that alone shows the culture that this school fosters. I am proud to call myself an Anderson Alumni – there’s no substitute for the experience.

Deisy Ruiz

Anderson MACCT Graduate, Anderson BBA Graduate

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