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Enriching an MBA Experience with Student Organizations

I am currently involved in multiple Anderson student organizations and it has given me a huge sense of pride in being a Lobo! Before I just felt like I attended a school, but now I really feel part of a community at Anderson.

Strengthen Your Professional Toolbox

As my graduation date quickly approaches, I am eager and excited to take all wealth of knowledge I obtained here at Anderson and apply it to my career.

Balancing Technical & Management Skills with Pooja K.

MS-ISA student, Pooja Kandalam, talks about her career path and why she chose Anderson's MS-ISA degree program...

Finding Opportunity with Deisy Ruiz

The Anderson School of Management shaped me, a first-generation Latina college student, into the young professional that I am today....

A Place to Call Home by Justin Martinez

It was the Spring of 2017 - I was young and excited to take on any challenge that was thrown my way....

Endless Possibilities by Raby Sylla

I moved to the United States at the age of nine from Conakry. I’ve lived in Virginia, South Carolina, and now reside in Albuquerque New Mexico. It took me some time, but I now realize that there is no place like Albuquerque.

Getting an Anderson Degree & Living in Albuquerque - Dharish Totiger

Having a bachelor’s degree in Engineering and a business mindset, I wanted to combine both....

UNM and Me - Samantha Saiz

Although my career plans have changed throughout my time here, I have become more confident with working towards my career goals. As a UNM student, I became exposed to many perspectives within the UNM community.

Cultural difference from México to Nuevo México

La primera vez que vi un menú en un restaurante de comida local saltó a mi vista lo que consideré en su momento un error ortográfico; posole con 's'....

The Perfect MBA - Reva Morris

When I was looking for the perfect MBA program, I didn’t have to look far....