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Project Information

Albuquerque-area businesses and non-profits are invited to apply to participate in the UNM Executive MBA marketing plan project. In this program, second-year EMBA students will work with a small number of clients to research marketing issues and recommend solutions tailored to clients’ unique goals.


  • Project start: September 2020
  • Project end: December 2020


  • Participant clients must be local to the Albuquerque area, have a person on staff who can act as a single point of contact for the students, ideally a C-level employee.
  • Participants are expected to share basic financial information with the team (this data is held confidential).
  • You must be prepared to have regular meetings with the students, in person or by phone
  • All applicants are required to fill out our intake form. Please understand that we receive more applications than we have student teams and the more information you provide the more likely you are to be selected.

Student Deliverables

  • Marketing plan focused on a discrete element of the client's business
    • First-stage identification of plan goals and objectives
    • Analysis of the macro-level external environment
    • Analysis of the competitive landscape
    • Analysis of the client’s internal environment
    • Market research
    • Marketing strategies
    • Implementation plan
    • Contingency planning
  • Presentation to selected staff of the team’s findings and suggestions

Your Investment

  • Time, data, subject-matter expertise, access, and feedback.

Typically we find that we have more organizations apply for assistance than we have groups of Executive MBA students to provide that assistance.
Therefore, in early August the instructor for this class will contact each applicant to ensure that there is still a need for assistance and to better understand the organization’s challenges.

Applications are presented by the instructor to the student groups who make their selections.
Successful applicants will jointly agree upon a scope of work with the instructor and the student group.
There is a nominal charge of $500 upon signing the scope of work.

Your Payback

  • The chance to outsource the solution to a thorny question or a pressing problem.
  • Market data that is unavailable to the general public.
  • EMBA insight into your company or non-profit’s unique marketing issues.