Graduation Deadlines

BBA Graduation Application Deadlines

  • NOV 1 - Spring and Summer graduation
  • JUL 1 - Fall graduation

Masters Programs Graduation Application Deadlines

  • NOV 1 - Spring graduation
  • JUL 1 - Fall graduation

Graduation Speaker Application

Anderson invites exemplary students to participate as the speaker for the graduating class. Interested students will be considered based on recommendations, public speaking experience, academic performance, and leadership at Anderson, UNM, and the community. For more information and application requirements, please download the Application for Student Convocation Speaker.

Applications are due Monday, November 1, 2021.

Master's (MBA, MACCT and MS-CBA) Graduation Application

NOTE: Students in the MBA & MACCT program must file a graduation application with Advisement in order to receive the override to register for MGMT 598.

Submit Your Master's Graduation Application Online!

Applications for graduation can be filed online. You will need a copy of your transcript in order to complete the application, which can be accessed through Loboweb ( You can save your application for up to two weeks. You will be given a password to login to your saved application; you will need to write this password down, as it cannot be retrieved. You must press the "Submit" button for your application to be sent to your concentration advisor.

Once you have completed the online application, it will be sent electronically to your concentration advisor for approval, and your concentration advisor will email the graduate advisor the approval. If they have any questions about your coursework, they will correspond with you. If you are pursuing more than one concentration, it will be sent to each individual concentration advisor for approval. If you need to make changes to your application, you will need to send the graduate advisor an email regarding the changes in coursework. If it is a change to your concentration coursework, you will need the approval of your concentration advisor to accept these changes. Students are responsible for sending updates to both the concentration advisor for new approval and to the graduate advisor to indicate approved changes.

All applications will be processed in the order that they were submitted. Once applications are approved, students can refer to the list of candidates to verify degree and concentration information. Please check the List of Graduation Candidates.

Submit Your Master's Graduation Application Online!

If you are graduating this semester, you will receive a letter with information about the Anderson Convocation.

Family and friends do not need tickets. Seating is on a first come, first served basis. For more information about ceremony dates, caps, gowns, MBA hoods, invitations, as well as the UNM General Commencement, please go to

Privacy Flag

If you have a PRIVACY FLAG on your records at UNM, your name cannot be printed in the program for graduation unless you contact the Registrar at the campus where you attend to have your privacy flag removed permanently from your academic record or sign a 'Limited Privacy Waiver' in the Office of the University Secretary (please remember to bring a picture ID) in order to release your directory information for commencement purposes only.