Advisement Information

Connecting with your Advisor

For quick questions, emailing your advisor is recommended. Please see below for your advisor’s contact information.

Allicia Moya

For more complicated questions, we recommend you schedule an appointment. LoboAchieve is the best way to see your advisor’s availability and schedule a meeting that works for your schedule. Please access the following site for specific directions on accessing LoboAchieve:

Current UNM students are required to use their UNM email account for all electronic communication. Please include your full name and UNM ID number.

If you are not yet admitted to a UNM graduate degree program, please email and your request will be forwarded to the appropriate person.

For further assistance, you can reach the Anderson Advisement Office at (505) 277-2525 or We are located on the third floor of the Graduate School of Management (GSM) Building, building 87.

Top Ways Your Advisor Can Help You

  • Advise you on what to register for and how many units to take
  • Recommend courses that should and should not be taken together
  • Suggest the best order to take your courses in
  • Assist you with elective selection based on your career interests
  • Develop a plan so you stay on track for graduation
  • Guide you toward the correct course sections for your degree program
  • Review requests for course substitutions and course transfers Advise you about the options for pursuing a dual degree
  • Provide plans of study, degree progress letters, or other information needed for employers or scholarship applications
  • Direct you to other Anderson and UNM resources
  • Sign-off on a variety of forms needed for the Registrar’s Office and the Global Education Office
  • Approve your application to graduate