New Mexico Ethics in Business Awards

Throughout the fall 2017 semester, students in Sarah Smith’s MGMT 308 class, “the Ethical, Political, and Social Environment for Business,” participated in the selection process for the recipients of the upcoming 2018 New Mexico Ethics in Business Awards. Student teams were randomly assigned nominees in four Award categories – for-profit businesses, nonprofit organizations, individual, and young leader. This year, 60 students on 18 project teams researched and interviewed all of the Award candidates to learn about their ethical business behaviors and practices. The students’ resulting reports then went to a Selection Committee of prominent business leaders who used the reports and consulted other sources to make the Award decisions.

The New Mexico Ethics in Business Awards program represented an 18-year partnership between the Anderson School of Management and the Samaritan Counseling Center of Albuquerque. Over these years, many hundreds of students have learned first-hand from business leaders about ethical business practices. Following Samaritan Counseling Center’s closure in October 2017, sponsorship of the program moved to Central New Mexico Community College (CNM) that will carry on the great tradition of the New Mexico Ethics in Business Awards. Going forward, Anderson and CNM are exploring the opportunities for continued collaboration in this unparalleled student ethics educational experience.

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Ethical Practices Agreement

To help ensure confidentiality and impartiality in their work, students sign Ethical Practices Agreements which require the avoidance of conflicts or potential conflicts of interest, including the responsibility to turn down gifts, offers of employment, other items of value from Award nominees or their representatives. Additionally, students commit to keep confidential their reports' contents and findings, which are shared only with their instructor and the Awards Selection Committee, who likewise sign ethical practices agreements.