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Ann Rhoades

People-Centric Cultures Pay Big Dividends: Lessons from Great Companies

Ann RhoadesOctober 2, 2008
Ann Rhoades is a nationally recognized speaker and Human Resource Executive and will talk about her new book Built on Values: Creating an Enviable Culture that Outperforms the Competition. Most leaders know that a winning, engaged culture is the key to attracting top talent - and customers. Yet, it remains elusive how exactly to create this ideal workplace - one where everyone from the front lines to the boardroom knows the company's values and feels comfortable and empowered to act on them.
Ann Rhoades will share her creative approach to developing cultures around fun; and her first-hand experiences in launching successful start-up companies, blending post-merger cultures and creating a legacy of people-centric organizations. Her candor around the mistakes she's made and the lessons she's learned is the driving force behind her desire to inspire other organizations.