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Steve Lipscomb, Founder, World Poker Tour

Big Bets in Poker and Business

Steve Lipscomb World Poker Tour Founder Steve Lipscomb talks about "Big Bets in Poker and Business" Featured on the cover of INC Magazine for creating "the Hottest Business in America", Steve Lipscomb conceived, founded and launched the World Poker Tour in 2001/2002, recreating poker for television and launching the world's first poker league. He remained CEO until 2009, taking the company public with his partner Lyle Berman on the NASDAQ stock exchange in 2004 and selling the tour and its assets in 2009 to online gaming interests. While CEO, Lipscomb seeded and launched numerous businesses, including the world's first Poker talent management company, the first televised card tour in the history of China and one of the most successful mobile phone games. After the WPT sale, he remained CEO of the publicly traded shell company and orchestrated a merger in 2010 to create Emerald Oil and Gas, (AMEX ticker EOX). He then became CEO of the spin off-company (Ante5, Inc.) to oversee a private placement memorandum and the monetization of left-over WPT assets – producing over 40 million dollars in capitol for the new company to use in the domestic oil and gas business (now Black Ridge Oil and Gas).

Currently based in Santa Fe, NM, Lipscomb works with large and small companies, American sports leagues, production entities and academic institutions to build businesses with the use of media. He is a featured speaker at conferences, corporate gatherings and academic forums, including the Inc. 500 conference, the Dartmouth Entrepreneurial Network, Richard Branson’s Entrepreneur and Investor Conference, and Harvard Business School.

Prior to the World Poker Tour, Lipscomb worked closely with luminaries such as Norman Lear, Al Burton and Alvin Toffler, creating television and film projects. He is a graduate of Dartmouth College and the University of Chicago Law School and is licensed to practice law in California and Colorado.