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Anderson Faculty Member Profile

Sabrina Volpone, Ph.D.

    Sabrina Volpone
    • Assistant Professor
    • Human Resource Management
    • Phone: (505) 277-6471
    • Office: Hokona 358

Sabrina D. Volpone earned her Ph.D. in Human Resource Management from Temple University and her masters in I/O psychology from the University of Houston. She joined the faculty at the University of New Mexico in the Anderson School of Management as an Assistant Professor in August 2013. Her research interests include: diversity and discrimination in organizations - including but not limited to - sex, racioethnicity, and sexual orientation. Her research has been published in such peer-reviewed journals as Personnel Psychology, Journal of Occupational Health Psychology, Human Resource Management, and the Journal of Business Ethics. She has presented her research at many professional conferences, including the Academy of Management, the Society of Industrial and Organizational Psychology, and the American Psychological Association. She has been a part of consulting teams for organizations such as ExxonMobil's Technical Training Division, Men's Wearhouse, and Saudi Aramco. Through these consulting experiences,she has contributed extensively to several job analysis projects and technical reports.

Office Hours

  • Monday: By appointment only (Monday - Friday)
  • Tuesday: By appointment only (Monday - Friday)
  • Wednesday: By appointment only (Monday - Friday)
  • Thursday: By appointment only (Monday - Friday)
  • Friday: By appointment only (Monday - Friday)


  • MGMT 306-001, R, 1600-1830, MITC 220
  • MGMT 464-002, R, 1230-1500, GSM 126

Course syllabi (if available)

The following works are listed in Sedona. Please contact the faculty member for a complete listing of work.

  • Avery, D. R., Volpone, S. D., McKay, P. F., Malka, A. . (2015). Are companies beholden to bias? The impact of leader race on consumer behavior.. Organizational Behavior And Human Decision Processes. [Refereed. Article.]
  • Volpone, S. D., Tonidandel, S. ., Avery, D. R., Castel, S. . (2015). Exploring the use of credit scores in selection processes: Beware of adverse impact. Journal of Business and Psychology. [Refereed. Article.]
  • McKay, P. F., Jiang, K. ., Hong, Y. ., Avery, D. R., Wilson, D. C. (2015). Retaining employees through anti–sexual harassment practices: Exploring the mediating role of psychological distress and employee engagement.. Human Resource Management, 54. [Refereed. Article.]
  • Rubino, C. ., Avery, D. R., Volpone, S. D., Ford, L. . (2014). Does teaming obscure low performance? Exploring the temporal effects of team performance diversity.. Human Performance. [Refereed. Article.]
  • Rubino, C. ., Volpone, S. D., Avery, D. R. (2013). Burnout on Mars and Venus: Exploring male-female differences in emotional exhaustion.. Gender in Management: An International Journal, 28 (2), 74-93. [Refereed. Article.]
  • Avery, D. R., Wang, M. ., Volpone, S. D., Zhou, L. . (2013). Different strokes for different folks: The impact of sex dissimilarity in the empowerment-performance relationship.. Personnel Psychology, 66 (3), 757-784. [Refereed. Article.]
  • Volpone, S. D., Perry, S. J., Rubino, C. . (2013). Hobby-jobs: An exploratory study of burnout when a hobby becomes a job.. Applied Psychology: An International Review, 62 (4), 655-677. [Refereed. Article.]
  • Volpone, S. D., Avery, D. R. (2013). It's self-defense: How perceived discrimination promotes employee withdrawal. Journal of Occupational Health Psychology, 18 (4), 430-448. [Refereed. Article.]
  • Avery, D. R., Volpone, S. D., Stewart, R. ., Luksyte, A. ., Hernandez, M. . (2013). Examining the draw of diversity: How diversity climate affects job pursuit intentions. Human Resource Management, 52 (2), 1-20. [Refereed. Article.]
  • Volpone, S. D., Avery, D. R., McKay, P. F. (2012). Linkages between racioethnicity, appraisal reactions, and employee engagement.. Journal of Applied Social Psychology, 42 (1), 252-270. [Refereed. Article.]
  • Avery, D. R., Volpone, S. D., McKay, P. F., King, E. ., Wilson, D. C. (2012). A caveat to relational demography: How employment status influences effects of supervisor-subordinate demographic similarity.. Journal of Business and Psychology, 27 (1), 83-98. [Refereed. Article.]
  • Avery, D. R., McKay, P. F., Tonidandel, S. ., Volpone, S. D., Morris, M. . (2012). Is there method to the madness? Examining how racioethnic matching influences retail store productivity. Personnel Psychology, 65 (1), 167-200. [Refereed. Article.]
  • Stewart, R. ., Volpone, S. D., Avery, D. R. (2011). You support diversity, but are you ethical? Examining the interactive effects of diversity and ethical climate perceptions on turnover intentions. Journal of Business Ethics, 99 (3), 453-465. [Refereed. Article.]
  • Avery, D. R., McKay, P. F., Wilson, D. C., Volpone, S. D., Killham, E. . (2011). Does voice go flat? How tenure diminishes the impact of voice.. Human Resource Management, 50 (1), 1-12. [Refereed. Article.]
  • Avery, D. R., Lerman, B. ., Volpone, S. D. (2010). Investigating the racioethnic differences in the link between workplace racioethnic dissimilarity and life satisfaction.. Cultural Diversity and Ethnic Minority Psychology, 16 (3), 307-312. [Refereed. Article.]
  • Volpone, S. D., Avery, D. R. (2010). I'm confused: How failing to value sexual identities at work sends stakeholders mixed messages.. Industrial and Organizational Psychology: Perspectives on Science and Practice, 3 (1), 90-92. [Refereed. Article.]
  • Avery, D. R., Tonidandel, S. ., Volpone, S. D., Raghuram, A. . (2010). Overworked in America: How work hours, immigrant status, and interpersonal justice affect perceived work overload.. Journal of Managerial Psychology, 25 (2), 133-147. [Refereed. Article.]
  • Rubino, C. ., Luksyte, A. ., Perry, S. J., Volpone, S. D. (2009). How do stressors lead to burnout? The mediating role of motivation.. Journal of Occupational Health Psychology, 14 (3), 289-304. [Refereed. Article.]

The following works are listed in Sedona. Please contact the faculty member for a complete listing of work.

This information contains published works and is based on a January snapshot of the Sedona system after material for the annual review has been requested.