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Anderson Faculty Member Profile

Gautam Vora, PhD

    Gautam Vora
    • Professor
    • Finance
    • Phone: (505) 277-0669
    • Office: ASM 2110

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Dr. Vora received his Ph.D. in Finance from Indiana University in 1982 and joined the faculty at UNM in 1989. Professor Vora has published in a number of Finance, Economics and Management journals, such Journal of Journal of Finance, Management Science, Journal of Business Research, Yale Journal on Regulation, Journal of Risk and Insurance, Managerial and Decision Economics, Journal of Derivatives, Creative Industries Journal and Modern Economy, among other publications.
He teaches a number of finance courses, including Applications in Business Finance and Advanced Problems in Finance.

Office Hours

  • Monday: By Appointment
  • Wednesday: By Appointment

Current Courses

  • MGMT 426-001, TR, 1600-1715, GSM 117
  • MGMT 577-001, TR, 1730-1845, GSM 117

Course syllabi (if available)

Previously Taught Courses

  • MGMT 326, Financial Management
  • MGMT 426, Advanced Problems in Financial Management
  • MGMT 471, Investment Analysis and Management
  • MGMT 476, Derivatives
  • MGMT 490, 490 Financial Modeling
  • MGMT 490, 490 Portfolio Management
  • MGMT 526, Financial Management
  • MGMT 571, Security Analysis and Investment Management
  • MGMT 576, Futures and Options
  • MGMT 577, Applications in Business Finance
  • MGMT 594, 594 Financial Modeling
  • MGMT 594, 594 Portfolio Management
  • MGMT 794, 794 Investments Analysis

This information contains published works and is based on a January snapshot of the Sedona system after material for the annual review has been requested.