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Classroom Management and Syllabus Templates

Accessibility Resource Center

Services for UNM Self-identified Students with Disabilities

The Accessibility Resource Center offers services to UNM self-identified students with disabilities. Students with documented disabling conditions that affect a major life activity are eligible for these services. This includes students with visual, hearing, learning, and mobility disabilities, as well as chronic conditions. The primary duty of the department is to help all qualified students with disabilities gain equal educational access and opportunities throughout the UNM community. For more information go to

Anderson's Academic Honesty Code

Anderson's Academic Honesty Code can be found at

Technology at Anderson (Anderson IT)

Anderson provides a wide range of IT services to students, faculty, and staff. Anderson IT resources are available for the sole purpose of supporting Anderson’s education, research and service activities. View their service catalog or stop by the STSC to arrange a consultation.

Anderson Qualtrics Accounts

Anderson provides Qualtrics accounts for Anderson faculty, staff and students. For more information visit:

Dean of Students Services

The Dean of Students is available to help with any student disciplinary problems. Faculty should first consult the Pathfinder, which details expectations for student conduct in class and other issues, such as plagiarism. The Dean of Students is also helpful in addressing other personal (family, financial, housing, etc) difficulties students may encounter. For more information go to

Student Evaluation Results and EvaluationKIT

UNM has a web site dedicated to the EvaluationKIT product used for student feedback:

Anderson Student Learning Resource Center (SLRC)

Syllabus Templates & Required Language

Tutorial Services through UNM Center for Academic Program Support (CAPS)

Faculty with students who need some general help with basic skills and content in lower division courses should direct the students to the Center for Academic Program Support in Zimmerman Library. The Center has trained tutors available to help students with writing, research, computation, and study skills difficulties. The Center also offers a series of workshops for new students. For more information go to CAPS.

UNM Center for Teaching & Learning

The CTL provides opportunities for faculty to think and talk about their teaching, to get help with any aspect of their teaching, and to engage in a national discourse about university teaching where teaching is valued, visible, integrated, and cutting edge. Accordingly, the CTL also provides resources for faculty to study teaching and to contribute to the scholarship of teaching and learning. For more information on these services go to

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