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Press Release


September 1, 2000

ALBUQUERQUE – The Anderson Schools of Management at The University of New Mexico have made scholarship and fellowship awards for the 2000-2001 academic year. Nearly $50,000 in funds is supporting 39 graduate and undergraduate students this year.

“We have been working to build our scholarship resources, because we know that this makes a real difference to so many of New Mexico’s students,” said Howard Smith, Anderson’s Dean. “We know our donors have made a real difference in the lives of students. So many future leaders wouldn’t have the access to a business education they now have without our corporate partners and individual supporters.”

On October 5 The Anderson Schools will honor those who have contributed scholarship dollars at a reception on the UNM campus from 5-7 p.m. at The University House. “This is an opportunity for scholarship recipients to shake the hands of individuals who have made a difference in their lives,” Smith said.

Among those being recognized at the October reception are the first-time recipients of the UNM Staff Executive Masters in Business Administration Scholarships. Vice President for Business and Finance at UNM, Julie Weaks, Phil Eaton, Vice President for Health Sciences, and Dean Smith provided the funding to award full scholarships of $18,350 to Clara De La Cruz-Watral, Senior Program Manager in the General Library, and Chris Vallegos, Accounting Manager in FRS Data Control. Two book scholarships of $1,000 were awarded to current EMBA students Don Butterfield, public relations representative from the Health Sciences Center, and Stacy Heimer, an accountant in the College of Fine Arts.

Graduate scholarship/fellowship recipients for 2000-2001are: ABQ/Sandia Federal Joint Fellowship – Luisella Corbellari; American Indian MBA – Paula Saunders; Anderson/Roberts Fellowship – Min Xiao; Roy Bidwell Endowed Fellowship – Pacífica Cásares; Doug & Sarah Brown Fellowship – Joseph Garcia; Gloria F. Brown Fellowship – Wenjun Tang; Ernst & Young Fellowship in Accounting – Lisa Larsson; Honeywell Graduate Fellowship – Jeff Pace; Jean Mullins Macey Fellowships – Beatriz Bailey and Felicia Nagle; Jean Mullins Macey Scholarships – Valri Palacio, Kandice McDonald and Kristin Simone; and Ben Lomond Roberts Memorial Scholarship – Dennis Vik.

Undergraduate scholarship recipients include: Clinton P. Anderson Memorial Scholarship – Barbara Tapp; Nat De Palma Memorial Scholarships – Michelle Pierce and Corey Reitz; Cameron Galindo Memorial Scholarships – Teresa Bennett and David Hattrup; George Headrick Memorial Finance Scholarships – Saliba Ghawi, Marisa Aragón, Jessica Pace and Joan Camera; George Maloof Memorial Scholarships – Charley Michelle Lowe and Bonnie Cardon; Homer D. Olson and Howard D. Olson Memorial Scholarships – Christalyn Concha and Brooke Whitmore; Martin Olson Memorial Scholarship – Karen Briscoe; J. C. Penney Scholarship – Danny Milo; Charlotte Meeting Phillips Endowed Scholarships – Laurie Koehn, Ramona Jaramillo and Ryan Turnello; Dorothy Ellen Reid Memorial Scholarship – Jeanie Bisconte; Ted Russell Memorial Scholarship – Delfinia Tapia; Daniel M. Smith Endowed Scholarship – Yvonne Steiniger; John Taylor/Dean Witter Reynolds Scholarships – Marisa Aragón, Jerome Garcia, Mario Ward, Justin Hansen and Olivia Ortega.


The Anderson School of Management at the University of New Mexico is dedicated to excellence in professional management education. At the Anderson School, faculty, staff, and students are committed to shaping the intellect and character of the next generation of business leaders, advancing the knowledge and practice of management, promoting economic development, and building a vibrant intellectual community that serves the highest and best interests of all our stakeholders.

The School was founded in 1947 and now offers more than a dozen concentrations at the BBA and MBA levels and is accredited by the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business in the top 20% of business schools in the nation. The School is funded by the State of New Mexico and further support is generated by The Anderson School of Management Foundation. For more information, the public can visit, email, or call (505) 277-6471.