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Press Release


February 27, 2001

ALBUQUERQUE Ė At a time when college undergraduates are taking longer and longer to complete their Bachelorís Degrees, The Anderson Schools of Management at The University of New Mexico has a way to buck that national trend. ASM offers a Three-Two MBA program, which provides focused students the opportunity to complete both a Bachelorís Degree in a field outside of business and a MBA degree in five years. Each semester, a few more students enter this program, which allows them to complete a professional degree in record time.

Amy Horger, a third-generation UNM student, is in the home stretch of the program. She knew about the Three-Two program thanks to a high school presentation, and she already knew she wanted an MBA. So while many of her freshman classmates are still working on their undergraduate degrees, Horger is about to graduate with her MBA, four-and-a-half years after beginning college classes.

ďIt wasnít all that hard,Ē Horger says, ďIt kept me busy, but itís prepared me for the work world so much better than just a Bachelors Degree would.Ē Her undergraduate coursework toward a Bachelors in University Studies allowed her to get a solid liberal arts education while preparing her for her MBA classes. And between homework assignments, she still managed to intern at an international corporation and line up future employment prospects.

Horgerís advice to others contemplating the Three-Two program is simple: take classes that teach you to defend your opinion and communicate well. Plan to work some classes into your undergraduate work that will help you as an MBA student and keep your eye on the program guidelines to plan your schedule wisely.

How does it work? For the first three years of university studies, the student pursues a normal program of undergraduate work. During the third year, the student applies for admission to the MBA program at The Anderson Schools. In the fourth year, the student begins the first year of the MBA program and also completes the requirements for a Bachelorís Degree, using their MBA work to complete a minor in business. In the fifth year of study, the student completes the MBA program.

Albuquerque native Kuan Ma is in his fourth year at UNM and his first year of MBA classes. While his real interest in is his undergraduate major, Psychology, he recognized early on that the laws of supply and demand suggest that itís easier to find work with an MBA than with just a Bachelorís Degree. For him, the Three-Two is a fallback position, whether or not he goes looking for a business career upon graduation.

Whatever their backgrounds or goals, students are finding that the UNM Three-Two program meets their needs and speeds them into their future. For more information on The Anderson Schools of Managementís Three-Two program, please contact MBA Program Manager Loyola Chastain at (505) 277-3147 or at


The Anderson School of Management at the University of New Mexico is dedicated to excellence in professional management education. At the Anderson School, faculty, staff, and students are committed to shaping the intellect and character of the next generation of business leaders, advancing the knowledge and practice of management, promoting economic development, and building a vibrant intellectual community that serves the highest and best interests of all our stakeholders.

The School was founded in 1947 and now offers more than a dozen concentrations at the BBA and MBA levels and is accredited by the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business in the top 20% of business schools in the nation. The School is funded by the State of New Mexico and further support is generated by The Anderson School of Management Foundation. For more information, the public can visit, email, or call (505) 277-6471.