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January 4, 2007

Top-Level Tutors Brought in to Teach Graduate Management Admission Test Strategies

The Anderson School of Management at the University of New Mexico will conduct a six-week GMAT (Graduate Management Admission Test) preparation program this spring. The program, which runs March 24-May 12, is designed to teach participants the math and verbal skills they’ll need to be successful on the exam.

Anderson isn’t the only school that requires the GMAT – top-tier business schools across the country include the test in their admission decisions. “The GMAT is only one of a handful of criteria we look at, including undergraduate GPA, work experience, and letters of recommendation,” says Loyola Chastain, Anderson’s Graduate Programs Manager. “We know that the test is hard, and encourage anyone who’s thinking about a graduate degree at Anderson to begin their preparation for the GMAT well in advance of our application deadlines.”

“The GMAT is a standard used by more than 1,800 business schools,” says Mickey Byrd, program manager for Anderson’s professional and executive MBA programs. “Anderson participated in a national study that found a strong correlation between GMAT scores and success in graduate business programs,” says Byrd. “It’s the one objective benchmark that is common to all of our applicants, who come from many different undergraduate schools and have a wide range of work experiences.”

Anderson chief marketing officer Sophie Martin, who has designed the GMAT preparation program, says, “I tell students that in six weeks they can’t change their GPA, and they can’t change their work experience, but they can change their GMAT score. That’s what this program will help them to do.”

GMAT students will spend 36 hours working with tutors in small classes that are grouped by score level and 16 hours taking proctored practice tests. Students who require additional help with math will also take a six-hour refresher class prior to the start of the program. The idea, says Martin, is to “help them learn what they need for the test as quickly as possible and then send them out to take the exam.” The program is based on popular national test prep programs but offers more hours of instruction at the lower cost of $1065. UNM employees have the option of 100-percent tuition remission from the University. Comparable programs cost $1400 and above, according to Martin.

The deadline for enrollment in the program is March 7, but last summer’s program sold out a month before the start of the program, and students are encouraged to enroll early.

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