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Faculty Recognition: Reilly White

December 11, 2017 - Alex Solt

Dr. Reilly White Reilly White wears enough hats to warrant a few extra heads, but fortunately, the affable professor of finance has no difficulty juggling his hats and making it look easy.

In addition to his role as a well-liked professor, Reilly serves as a mentor to budding financial analysts. Working with Santa Fe mutual fund firm Thornburg Investment Management, he secured a $24,000 per year sponsorship for a Bloomberg Terminal, a software platform that provides access to real-time market information. He incorporates the terminal into his classes, giving students the opportunity to experience the same software that sits on trading desks worldwide as well as access to features such as bond research and equity analysis. UNM Anderson’s finance program is the only one in the state of New Mexico to offer students an avenue to real-time, experiential education.

Under Reilly’s guidance, finance students also manage the UNM Regents’ Portfolio, valued at $2.9 million and the largest student-run fund in New Mexico. Over the last twelve years, students have distributed over $1 million to the UNM Foundation, and UNM Anderson graduates have used the experience gained from managing the portfolio to find competitive careers in the finance industry.

Acting as the faculty advisor to the Financial Management Association, Reilly coordinates events with members of the CFA (Chartered Financial Analysts) society, one of the world’s premier investment management credentialing programs. With them, he schedules speaking engagements, career and placement fairs, investment workshops, and ethics seminars. He also counsels teams that participate in national challenges sponsored by the CFA, writing 60 to 80 page equity reports equaling those written by a professional with several years’ experience. Additionally, he chairs the CFA Scholarship Committee, selecting three students annually for scholarship money to take the CFA exam. He’s also been interviewed by several media outlets for his financial expertise and recently led a talk about ethics at the 2017 Daniels Fund Ethics Summit in Santa Fe.

It’s said if you want something done, go to the busiest person you know, and there’s no question that Reilly gets things done at UNM Anderson!