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Alumni Spotlight Dennis Garcia

May 24, 2018 - Leslie Venzuela

The Anderson Alumni Spotlight gives an in-depth look into the lives of our graduates after they leave school through a series of set questions.

Dennis GarciaDennis L. Garcia earned two degrees from the Anderson School of Management, a BBA in 1979 and an MBA in 2006.  Dennis is a native of Santa Fe, New Mexico and a Senior Vice President at U.S. Bank in Albuquerque. He is Immediate Past Chair of the Anderson Foundation Board of Directors and currently serves on the Executive Committee.

Let’s learn more about Dennis Garcia.

What three words best describe you?

Focused. Open. Curious. 

I am very focused when I need to complete a task, project, or commitment, on time and under budget.  I always try to be open to new ideas, approaches or processes, especially if the idea is creative and can generate other ideas and get a larger group involved.  Finally, I am curious about new ideas, and getting others involved that may not have been included before and finding a better way to get results that more fully engages the total organization.

My guiding philosophy:

My guiding philosophy is under promise and over deliver. I don’t mean that you set the bar so low that you easily meet the deliverable. Instead, understand the situation well enough so you can meet the expectations of the customer and then exceed those expectations resulting in a deeper understanding of the customer and their specific situation. Providing the customer with solutions that meet their needs will position you as an active member of their organization and the person they reach out to when they need advice, direction, or simply want another perspective. When you are consistently able to exceed expectations, you begin to set yourself apart for the others in your industry.

My community service:

Every community organization that I have been associated with has been important to me. That said, I will highlight three organizations that I have been proud to be affiliated with and hopefully have made significant contributions to the community. 1) Leadership New Mexico 2) Anderson School of Management Foundation Board 3) Albuquerque Hispano Chamber of Commerce.   
With Leadership New Mexico, I am fortunate to have met amazing leaders around the state of New Mexico and given the chance to share with this group my experience around ethics and the impact ethical decisions have on us individually. 

I've been on the Anderson Foundation Board for six years and served as Chairman in 2016-2017.  During my year as Chairman, we worked to create a distribution policy to guide the usage of the Foundation dollars back to the School in support of the students and the faculty. 

I am the Chair-elect of the Albuquerque Hispano Chamber of Commerce and look forward to assisting the various Hispanic and small businesses that we service to grow and become a stronger economic influence here in Albuquerque and statewide.

What did you learn at Anderson that prepared you for professional success?

The Anderson School uses group projects and emphasizes teamwork in its courses.   These skills have been so useful during my entire career as I was always part of a team or managing teams.  I learned how to understand team dynamics, how individual experiences impact team results, how to motivate teams and individual team members, and finally how to manage multiple teams to get enhanced results for the organization. All these tools helped me succeed in my career.

My Childhood Hero:

The first person that comes to my mind as a childhood hero is John F. Kennedy.  I remember his speeches, his vision, and his ability to connect with so many individuals.  I remember his willingness to stand up and defend the rights of others that society in general did not.  He made me proud to be an American citizen.  I still hear his words today, “My fellow Americans, ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country”.

My advice for the next generation of business leaders:

The business world is going to continue to accelerate as technology advances and as world economies continue to collide.  This is going to provide significant opportunities and challenges that I have not seen in my career.  Business leaders are going to need to expand their networks, and look for answers and resources from areas of the world that they may not have considered historically.  The world will continue to be interconnected, ideas and information will originate anywhere at any time, be open to these new avenues and learn to use this growing set of resources to advance your career and your individual business.