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Faculty Recognition Dimitri Kapelianis

May 24, 2018 - Alex Solt

Dr. Dimitri Kapelianis Professor Dimitri Kapelianis is stepping down from his position as Associate Dean of the Anderson School of Management to return to life as a teaching/research faculty member. Asked to serve in the interim period when Dean Craig White acted as Interim Provost and Shawn Berman acted as Interim Dean, he took on the mantle of Associate Dean as an Ambassador of Student Success.

Dr. Kapelianis, who received his Bachelor and Master of Commerce at the University of the Witwatersrand and his Ph.D. in Business Administration at Arizona State University, found the job engaging, working with Advisement, Career Services, determining student enrollment, and representing Anderson to the university at large.

"It was my job to represent students, advocate for students, and do everything possible to help students succeed," says Kapelianis. Even the less appealing aspect of the job – addressing grievances – came with its own rewards. Operating within regulating procedures, he provided a listening ear to students and faculty alike, and where attainable, provided agency to those with issues.

His experience has informed his outlook and intentions for future projects.  While he is looking forward to free time that allows him to do research (his current research involves firms cultivating distribution channels in emerging markets such as India, Mexico, and South Africa), he plans to facilitate a sales center at UNM Anderson. Half of Anderson’s alumni, he says, are involved in sales and business development, and Anderson needs to foster an environment where selling in a collaborative community is nurtured.

Dr. Kapelianis is also excited about the opening of the new McKinnon Center for Management.

"The new building will make UNM Anderson more attractive to prospective students and faculty. It will also increase Anderson’s metabolism, as new collaborative spaces lacking in the old building will encourage fresh and vital perspectives, bolster teamwork, and give students, faculty, and staff an added incentive to stay on campus." He says, "If we're deliberate and intentional about this, we can use the McKinnon Center as a mile marker for cultural as well as physical transition."