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Message from the School

June 26, 2018 - Leslie Venzuela

Message from the Dean

Dean Craig WhiteHello from Anderson!

I hope your summer is off to a great start! Activity on campus goes into more of a laid-back mode this time of year; however, we remain busy working on current and future initiatives. Summer classes began in June and we are in the process of moving into the new McKinnon Center for Management. Summer courses generally focus on core program requirements. The objective is to give students the option to make progress towards completion. During the summer, we also welcomed the new Executive MBA cohort. This group will be the first to take classes in the new facility. The McKinnon Center for Management will be fully operational for all students in the fall semester.

In June, I travelled to China to teach a course at one of our partner institutions. The students are completing their bachelor’s degree in China and then traveling to UNM Anderson for their graduate school work. They will be taking all of their undergraduate courses in English, attending summer programs at Anderson, and possibly attending as guest students. We are excited to work with them and look forward to their interaction with domestic students.

If we can be of assistance to you, please let us know. We are always happy to tell you more about our programs.

If you are on campus, please drop by and we will show you around the McKinnon Center.

Dr. Craig White, Dean

Message from the Associate Dean

Associate Dean Shawn Berman I returned from China just days before Craig headed there. I was in China to visit the same partner school where Craig is teaching (the Beijing Institute of Technology – Zhuhai). I also took the ferry from Zhuhai to Hong Kong to attend the 28th annual meeting of the International Association of Business and Society. Anderson’s own Dr. Harry Van Buren served as program chair and put together a wonderful program, including some cultural excursions in Hong Kong in addition to the academic paper sessions. Anderson has long had a commitment to the areas of business ethics, corporate social responsibility and discussions around the role of business in society. It is this focus that brought me to the Anderson School 11 years ago from Santa Clara University. I am proud that Anderson offers one of a diminishing number of BBA curricula that includes required courses in both Business Law and Business and Society. Joining Harry and I in Hong Kong were Dr. Natalia Vidal and Professor Emerita Dr. Jeanne Logsdon.

The Daniels Fund in Denver recognizes UNM Anderson’s strength in business ethics. The Daniels Fund has awarded two consecutive five-year grants of $1.25 million to support our efforts in teaching business ethics, particularly principle-based ethics. Dr. Van Buren serves as our campus co-leader for this initiative along with our marketing lecturer John Reed. In June, Harry and I were in Denver to celebrate the Daniels Scholars Program which awards four-year scholarships to high school students for tuition, room & board. This year there are about 240 new scholars to the program. Six of these scholars are attending UNM in the fall, meaning that we will have about 38 Daniels Scholars on campus next year. Meeting these high school students is always one of the high points of my year because of their individual and collective commitment to make this world a better place.

If you’re interested in learning more about the Daniels Fund, please visit

Finally, while I was in China, the Dean’s Office moved into the McKinnon Center for Management, as Craig mentioned it’s a beautiful building that will allow us to offer 21st century pedagogy, while supporting 21st century research. I am convinced that this building will be transformative for the Anderson School.

Dr. Shawn Berman, Associate Dean