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Alumni Spotlight - Matthew Garton

September 25, 2018 - Leslie Venzuela

Matthew GartonThe Anderson Alumni Spotlight gives an in-depth look into the lives of our graduates after they leave school through a series of set questions.

Matthew Garton earned both his BBA and MBA from the Anderson School of Management with a concentration in Management Information Systems. He now works at Microsoft as a Service Engineer and says his role involves a mix of Program Manager duties and Software Engineer responsibilities. As a self-proclaimed “learner” he is currently continuing his education at Boston University where he is obtaining a Master of Science in Software Engineering.

What three words best describe you?

Curious. Motivated. Learner.

My guiding philosophy:

Never try to be the smartest person in the room.  Always surround yourself with people you admire who will challenge ideas, bring new perspectives, and drive innovation.

The best professional advice I ever received:

Read and understand Peter Drucker’s Managing Oneself.

Cultivating a deep understanding of yourself is the foundation in determining what is important to you in life and in determining your personal and professional paths.

My favorite Anderson Memories:

I enjoyed hanging out and learning from Professor Nick Flor and Professor John Benavidez in Digital Marketing. Also working for Professor Steve Burd and absorbing as much knowledge from him as possible.

What tools learned during your Anderson experience have most prepared you for professional success?

The ability to communicate and present ideas effectively.

My advice for the next generation of business leaders:

Dream big and embrace failure.

My Childhood Hero:

I was really into playing guitar when I was a kid and Jimi Hendrix was my childhood hero. He never gave up on what he believed in and wasn’t afraid to be creative or different. As a result, he changed future generations of musicians.

What community service activity makes you proud?

I am proud of the time I spent working with Kate Williams and Anderson Career Services as an ambassador. It allowed me to give back to the Anderson community while attending graduate school.