Heidi Tilton: Making a difference through estate giving

June 18, 2024 - Megan Borders

Heidi TiltonWhen Heidi Tilton stepped on UNM's campus for the first time in 1989, she couldn’t have predicted how well her educational journey would serve her future career.

She grew up in Germany, where she met her husband. Together, they moved to the United States, then to the Philippines, and eventually back to the U.S, settling in Albuquerque in 1986. She explored UNM’s undergraduate programs, eventually selecting Anderson. The path to admission was challenging, navigating the complexities of proving her high school education in Germany before electronic communication was widespread. Her determination and hard work paid off, and she was admitted into Anderson’s 3-2 program, earning her BBA in 1992 and MBA in 1993.

She began her professional journey in banking, finding her niche as a trust officer. Today, she is senior vice president and senior trust officer at Century Bank. With a fulfilling career with over 20 years of experience in trust management, Heidi has been instrumental in helping families navigate the intricacies of managing estates and assets after a loved one's passing.

Heidi is an avid philanthropist, higher education activist, community steward and travel enthusiast. She credits her success to her time as an Anderson student. To help others achieve their own success, she established the Heidi Tilton Endowment for Innovation in Business Education, designating a portion of her retirement account to Anderson through her estate.

Her philanthropic endeavors have impacted the community, including Girls, Inc., Santa Fe Community College and St. Vincent Hospital Foundation, among many others. “These experiences have taught me how important unrestricted financial support is to an organization's mission and longevity,” she said.

The Heidi Tilton Endowment for Innovation in Business Education is a testament to her belief in the power of education. This unrestricted fund provides future support for the school’s ever-evolving initiatives, from supporting student initiatives, academic programs and faculty research to community engagement and improving facilities and technology offerings. Generosity like Heidi’s is crucial to maintaining Anderson’s dedication to excellence and broadening its impact.

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