Unlocking Opportunities: Why Research 1 Universities Matter

June 18, 2024 - Megan Borders

UNM is an R1 InstitutionThe Carnegie Classification of Institutions of Higher Education is the nation’s leading framework for categorizing diverse U.S. colleges and universities. Their highest designation is Research 1, or R1, which is earned by only select doctoral universities with very high levels of research activity.

The University of New Mexico is our state’s only institution with this prestigious designation, and we are in your backyard!

This means that our faculty members not only take teaching and community engagement service seriously but also produce research and publish more than most doctoral programs nationwide. Anderson faculty collaborate, research, investigate, study, and then write, edit and rewrite numerous research articles per year to help UNM maintain this designation. More so, Anderson students, at both undergraduate and graduate levels, have access to cutting-edge research projects for real-world, hands-on experience.

This designation also helps attract top faculty members, researchers and students who strengthen Anderson’s academic reputation and the public’s perception of our programs. It highlights our faculty’s advancements in their industries and their capability to add to the national and international discourse on best practices in their areas of specialization.

Additionally, having an R1 university provides numerous advantages to New Mexico. It positively impacts the state’s economic growth and helps our officials tackle the biggest concerns through research and implementation recommendations, such as sustainable space research, child health and transitioning to green energy.

Being rated as an R1 university signifies excellence in research, a high-caliber student experience, and the ability to help lead New Mexico into the future. Understanding the importance of this designation as an active and caring community member is important, so that we can identify ways to partner and help our state in ways meaningful to all of us.