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Student Organizations

Today, student organizations serve as successful recruiting channels for employers. Students benefit from organizational involvement by gaining access to employers and developing professional skills that can help strengthen their career marketability.

Student Organizations Listservs

All Anderson student organization officers are required to subscribe to the Officers listserv. All student organization members should belong to the Members listserv. Communication with Anderson and student organizations are maintained using these lists.

  • Student Organization Officers: ASMCLUBOFFCR-L
  • Student Organization Members: ASMCLUBMBR-L


  1. Address an e-mail message to:
  2. Leave the subject field blank
  3. Only include the following in the body of the message:
    • subscribe 
      list your_first_name, your_last_name
      EXAMPLE For Joining the Student Organization Member List:
      subscribe ASMCLUBMBR-L Joe Clubmember
  4. Send the message WITHOUT any signatures or additional text in the message.


For those students who have found employment and no longer wish to receive email messages you must UNSUBSCRIBE to the listserv. Follow these simple instructions:

  1. Send a message to:
  2. Leave the subject field blank
  3. In the body of message type (with NO other text):
    unsubscribe ASMLIST-L
    • EXAMPLE (Student Organization Officer List):
      unsubscribe ASMCLUBOFFICER-L

Resources for Student Organizations

Both UNM and Anderson provide a wide range of resources to student organizations including funding.

We strongly suggest that each student organization:

  • Develop and execute a strategic plan
  • Maintain an up-to-date Web site
  • Reach out to employers to co-sponsor community service activities
  • Maintain an active guest speaker series

Student Organization List

  • Alpha Kappa Psi Professional Business Fraternity (Beta Tau Chapter)

  • Association of Graduate Business Students (AGBS)
    Faculty Advisor: Florencio Olguin (

  • Institute of Management Accountants (IMA)

  • Network Exploitation Security Team (NEST)
    $15 dues each semester.
    Faculty Advisor: Alex Seazzu (
    UNM Listserv: NEST-L (
    Additional Contact: NEST-L (

    This is a campus-wide student organization consisting of graduate and undergraduate students with various backgrounds and majors.

    Our purpose is to provide academic, social and training resources for those interested in the information systems field. We will also organize trips to relevant events in order to help members grow professionally and provide career opportunities. Additionally, NEST will provide service in the form of security assessments to other organizations.

    The specific activities we will be participating in are:

    • Cyber Security Competitions
    • Capture The Flag Internal Activities
    • Conferences

    We will also have guest speakers and other opportunities to network with professional contacts throughout the community.

  • Student Contracts Management Association - UNM (SCMA-UNM)
    Faculty Advisor: Amie Nelson (