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Anderson Virtual Lab (VLab)

You will need a UNM NetID to access the VLab. If you do not have a UNM NetID, complete the account request form and take it to ASM 1002 so that we can work with you to provide you alternate access.

Browser Configuration

VLab User's Guide (Setup and Troubleshooting)

Login to UNM Learn for instructions on accessing the VLab for your class.

Access the VLab

Locate your course in the table below and click on the link to login to your course-specific VLab space.

CourseTitleInstructorvLab Link
MGMT 329Database ManagementDr. Aaron FrenchCourse VLab Login
MGMT 336Information Systems SecurityDr. Xin (Robert) LuoCourse VLab Login
MGMT 437System and Network AdministrationThomas GutierrezCourse VLab Login
MGMT 481Marketing ResearchDr. Catherine RosterCourse VLab Login
MGMT 635Decision Support and Business IntelligenceDr. Peter JurkatCourse VLab Login
MGMT 636Information Systems SecurityAlex SeazzuCourse VLab Login
MGMT 639 001Data WarehousingDr. Aaron FrenchCourse VLab Login
MGMT 638Advanced Database ManagementJosh SaizCourse VLab Login
MGMT 646Digital ForensicsAlex SeazzuCourse VLab Login
MGMT 648Advanced Information Systems SecurityAlex SeazzuCourse VLab Login