Anderson Virtual Lab (VLab)

You will need a UNM NetID to access the VLab. If you do not have a UNM NetID, complete the account request form and take it to the Student Technology Support Center (STSC) on the 2nd floor of MCM so that we can work with you to provide you alternate access.

Acceptable Use Policy for the VLab

This system must be used in an appropriate and lawful manner as stated in UNM Acceptable Computer Use Policy. It may not be used for commercial purposes. Unauthorized access is prohibited.

Using the Vlab for the First Time

Video courtesy of Professor Thomas Gutierrez.

Access the VLab

Locate your course in the table below and click on the link to login to your course-specific VLab space.

MGMT329 001 - Data Management (Pease)
MGMT329 002 - Data Management (Jurkat)
MGMT329 003 - Data Management (Jurkat)
MGMT330 001 - Business Prog Fundamentals (Flor)
MGMT330 002 - Business Prog Fundamentals (Flor)
MGMT330 003 - Business Prog Fundamentals (Flor)
MGMT336 - Information Systems Security (Seazzu)
MGMT449 - Accounting Information Systems (Bailey)
MGMT501 002 - Data Driven Decision Making (Jurkat)
MGMT501 101 - Data Driven Decision Making (Jurkat)
MGMT581 - Research for Marketing Management (Roster)
MGMT635 001 - Data Analytics (Li)
MGMT636 001 - Information Systems Security (Luo)
MGMT637 001 - Database Management Systems (Ma)
MGMT645 001 - Data Mining Business Decisions (Li)
MGMT646 001 - Digital Forensics (Seazzu)
MGMT648 001 - Adv Info System Security (Seazzu)
MGMT751 004 - Practicum (Li)