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UNM and Me - Samantha Saiz

I have always been involved in activities and sports when I was younger. I enjoyed being a part of a supportive team and participating in the activities surrounding everyone. I spend most of my weekends hiking New Mexico’s beautiful trails.

Since I was younger, I planned on attending the University of New Mexico (UNM). Although my career plans have changed throughout my time here, I have become more confident with working towards my career goals. As a UNM student, I became exposed to many perspectives within the UNM community. More than half of the UNM courses I have taken involved group work. Through these group assignments and activities, I learned the class material by interacting with my colleagues and developing stronger social skills. I realized the significance in teamwork and being active in a social environment.

I pursed my undergraduate degree in accounting and I am currently finishing my graduate degree in accounting. After choosing to enroll in the Anderson School of Management’s MACCT program with a focus in Information Assurance, I gained an interest in learning about fraud. After taking fraud and forensic accounting, I realized the significance of pursuing a career in fraud. Nowadays, different forms of fraud tend to evolve due to the technological advancements and capabilities. The fraud and forensic courses enhanced my analytical abilities and communication skills. I learned that analytics and communication are essential in an anti-fraud career. I believe working in accounting, with a focus in fraud, will bring value to the accounting profession and a diverse skillset.

I accepted a leadership position for a student organization, specializing in anti-fraud education. The organization is called the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (ACFE) student chapter at UNM. As president of the ACFE student chapter, I strengthened my leadership abilities and became more involved with the chapter.

UNM has provided me the resources to further my academic goals and polish my professionalism. UNM provided me plenty of opportunities to get involved and expand my social network. UNM encourages students to attend these academic events, as a guide for students to succeed after graduation.

Samantha Saiz


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