Center for Responsible Entrepreneurship


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Embrace our place – Santa Fe and Northern New Mexico – to bring the blend of context, culture, history and change together, enabling holistic and ethical leadership in business. Create an engaging and learning community through our art, science, culture and nature.

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Social Entrepreneurship

Create a community where socially conscious entrepreneurs can learn, launch and scale their concepts into successful for-profit business enterprises.

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Convene and Collaborate

Convene with environmental, social and governance changemakers – collaborating on mutual goals and initiatives in New Mexico. Connect with the global network of sustainability centers to bring best practices and share Santa Fe’s efforts to this growing body of work.

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Leadership Preparation

Prepare New Mexico business leaders for the future in environment, social and governance, stakeholder capitalism, ethical leadership and sustainability. Attract business leaders nationally on the future of ESG and stakeholder capitalism in mutual, engaging learning.

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Context-Based Research

Enable a research center that blends context, culture and history into new ways to lead within the intersections of business, society, environment and governance.

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Leverage Change

Provide training, resources, and advocacy for policy development to encourage corporate social responsibility and stakeholder capitalism.