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My name is Adriana Hernandez a native New Mexican currently attending the University of New Mexico's Anderson School of Management. I am currently pursing my MBA with dual concentrations in Strategic Management & Policy and Human Resources. I have been at Anderson for almost three years as I work towards receiving these two concentrations and am sad yet excited as my journey at Anderson comes to a close. Thanks to the wonderful faculty at Anderson I was able to pursue my dual concentrations as they provide excellent resources that enabled me to do so in my three years with the university.

As my graduation date quickly approaches, I am eager and excited to take all wealth of knowledge I obtained here at Anderson and apply it to my career. The broad range of classes Anderson offers truly allowed me freedom to take deeper dives into niche subjects to aide in the strengthening of my professional toolbox. I am now more confident to reach for new roles and projects in my career that three years ago I would have thought were out of scope of knowledge. Anderson has wonderful and knowledgeable professors and lecturers whom are more than willing to share their knowledge with their students to help them succeed in their own careers.

During my time at Anderson I have grown not only as a student but as a young professional. Now more than ever, I feel as though I have the right education and experience to begin my career post-graduation in May 2021. Anderson has outstanding faculty, advisors, professors, and lecturers whom have all helped me work toward my dream of earning my MBA. Even through these hard times the COVID-19 pandemic has brought on, Anderson has always kept the safety and well-being of their students first while continuing to strive in their course offerings and navigation of these uncertain times. I am grateful for these past few years at UNM's Anderson School of Management and am looking forward to giving back and becoming a proud alumna of such a great educational program. Go Lobos!

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