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David R. Albin, Co-founder, Natural Gas Partners

Scarcity to Abundance: Observations from an Energy Investor

David Albin State taxes on oil and gas production, plus royalties on New Mexico lands developed by the energy industry which have flowed into the state’s permanent funds are the source of almost half of the state’s revenues. Forty years ago during the first energy 'crisis', pundits predicted mankind would exhaust the earth’s fossil fuel reserves, possibly within a decade or two. Instead, energy supply and demand grew rapidly and today’s predictions call for centuries of remaining resources. How did this happen? Will today’s view be wrong again? David Albin will provide insights to these questions and touch on current topics such as fracking, water use, the Keystone Pipeline, alternative energy and climate change. Natural Gas Partners, a private equity firm co-founded by David Albin, has provided $10 billion of capital and sponsorship to the energy industry since 1988.