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Mark Lautman, CEcD, CRE

In Search of a New Economic Development Paradigm | Watch Mark Lautman's Talk Online

Tuesday, October 11, 2011 from 7:30 AM - 9:00 AM

Join us for a special breakfast and discussion with Mark Lautman, CEcD, CRE.
In Search of a New Economic Development Paradigm

The economic development game as we've known it in the Unites States for the last 50 years is over. If communities are to foster expanding economies, they will have to find a new game.

While flattening demand, rising debt and a paralyzed credit system are huge problems, it is the immanent retirement of 78 million Baby Boomers and the fact they didn't have enough kids to replace themselves that threatens the long term survival of most communities and changes the fundamentals of the economic development game. Despite 14 million Americans being out of work, a shortage of qualified workers is creating a zero sum labor market that promises to create a new paradigm for community leaders trying to create jobs.

Listen to Mark Lautman describe the problem, the new paradigm it creates, and what you can do about it.