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Reilly White

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After I received my B.S. in Finance summa cum laude from the University of Massachusetts-Dartmouth, I spent several years working as a Financial Analyst for Sovereign Bank in Boston, Massachusetts. In 2013, I received my PhD from the University of Connecticut and was thrilled to move back to New Mexico later that year to teach the fantastic students at Anderson.

My recent research has focused on expanding our understanding of agency theory and the implications of executive compensation. I have also published several articles in International Finance, a field of increasing relevance in the globalized world of the coming decades. When not researching (or Finance-ing), I enjoy hiking, history, genealogy, astronomy, and many other (nerdy) hobbies.

Current Research & News
Selected Publications Include:

(19) Marinakis, Y., Walsh, S., and R. White (2022) Hyperinflation Potential in
Commodity-Currency Trading Systems: implications for sustainable development’.
Sustainable Technology and Entrepreneurship, forthcoming.

(18) Baldoni, Sarina, and Reilly White (2022). ‘All for One, or One Out of Many? An Analysis of Cryptocurrency Returns and Technological Differentiation. International
Journal of Technology Intelligence and Planning, forthcoming.

(17) Sokolowski, Matias, Brody, Rich and Reilly White (2021). The Potential for Biases in
Resolving Loan Problems. International Journal of Finance & Banking Studies forthcoming.

(16) Boni, Leslie, Leach, J.C., and Reilly White (2021). Crisis and Non-Crisis Short Selling and Bank Enforcement Actions. Journal of Banking and Finance, forthcoming.

(15) N. Islam, Y. Marinakis, S. Olson, R. White and S. Walsh (2021) "Is BlockChain Mining
Profitable in the Long Run?," in IEEE Transactions on Engineering Management, doi:

(14) Marinakis, Y. D., White, R., & Walsh, S. T. (2020). Lotka–Volterra signals in ASEAN
currency exchange rates. Physica A: Statistical Mechanics and its Applications, 545.

(13) White, R, Marinakis, Y., Islam, N., & Walsh, S. (2020). Is Bitcoin a currency, a
technology-based product, or something else?. Technological Forecasting and Social
Change, 151, 119877.

(12) Gary, Robert F., Yorgos Marinakis, Mary Anne Majadillas, Reilly White, and Steven
Walsh (2019) ‘Legitimate Firms or Hackers -Who is winning the Global Cyber War?’,
International Journal of Technology Intelligence and Planning.

(11) Gupta, Neeraj J., Vitaliy Strohush, and Reilly White (2018). "Investor reaction to
simultaneous news releases: unemployment vs. earnings." Journal of Economics and
Finance: 1-15.

(10) White, Reilly S., and Kathy G. Hollingsworth. "How Can We Pay to Get Out of This?
Executive Compensation and Bank Risk during the Financial Crisis." Banking & Finance
Review10, no. 1 (2018).

(9) White, Reilly. (2018) ‘Executive Pensions, Compensation Leverage, and Firm Risk.’
International Journal of Financial Management, Volume 14, pp. 342-361.

(8) White, Reilly. (2017) ‘Executive Pensions and Optimal Pay Structure’. Advances in
Quantitative Finance and Accounting, Volume 15, pp. 1-30.

(7) Krapl, Alain, and Reilly White. (2016) ‘Executive Pensions, Risk-Shifting, and Foreign
Exchange Exposure’. Research in International Business and Finance, Volume 38, pp.

(6) Gupta, Neeraj, Mark Kurt and Reilly White. (2015) ‘The Buffett Critique: Volatility and
Long-Dated Options’. Journal of Economics and Finance, Volume 39, Number 2, pp. 1-

(5) Eisdorfer, Assaf, Carmelo Giaccotto and Reilly White. (2015) ‘Do Corporate Managers
Skimp on Shareholders’ Dividends to Protect their Own Retirement Funds? Journal of
Corporate Finance, Volume 30, pp. 257-277.

(4) White, Reilly S. (2014) ‘European Banks in Crisis: Risk Modeling and Implications’,
Journal of International Finance Studies, Volume 14, Number 1, pp. 119-131.

(3) Eisdorfer, Assaf, Giaccotto, Carmelo, and White, Reilly. (2013) ‘Executive
Compensation, Capital Structure, and Investment Efficiency’. Journal of Banking and
Finance, Volume 37, Issue 2, pp. 549-562.

(2) White, Reilly S. (2011) ‘Bank Structure and Reevaluating the Case for Risk: The
Icelandic Banking Crisis’, Journal of International Finance and Economics, Volume 11,
Number 2, pp. 171-182.

(1) White, Reilly S. (2011) ‘The Cost of Equity in India: The Effects of Local and
International Models on Equity Pricing’, International Journal of Indian Culture and
Business Management, Volume 4, Number 2, pp. 138-159.

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