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Trevor Spoelma

Trevor Spoelma

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Dr. Spoelma is an Assistant Professor of Organizational Studies. He joined the faculty at the Anderson School of Management in 2018. He earned a Ph.D. in management from the Eller College of Management at the University of Arizona and a B.B.A. with a human resource management concentration and a B.S. in psychology from Grand Valley State University. His research interests focus on helping organizational leaders effectively manage diverse teams and reduce the negative effects of deviant and unethical workplace behavior. His teaching interests focus on organizational behavior.


Spoelma, T.M., Chawla, N., & Ellis, A.P.J. (in press). If you can't join 'em, report 'em: A model of ostracism and whistleblowing in teams. Journal of Business Ethics.

Motro, D., Spoelma, T.M., & Ellis, A.P.J. (in press). Incivility and creativity in teams: Examining the role of perpetrator gender. Journal of Applied Psychology.

Podsakoff, N.P., Spoelma, T.M., Chawla, N., & Gabriel, A.S. (2019). What predicts within-person variance in applied psychology constructs? An empirical examination. Journal of Applied Psychology, 104, 727-754.

Spoelma, T.M. & Ellis, A.P.J. (2017). Fuse or fracture? Threat as a moderator of the effects of diversity faultlines in teams. Journal of Applied Psychology, 102, 1344-1359.

Podsakoff, N.P., Podsakoff P.M., MacKenzie, S.B., Maynes, T.D., & Spoelma, T.M. (2014). Consequences of unit-level organizational citizenship behaviors: A review and recommendations for future research. Journal of Organizational Behavior, 35, S87-S119.

Office Hours

  • Monday: 03:00 PM-05:00 PM

Current Courses

  • MGMT 306-001, , - , ONLREM UNM LEARN
  • MGMT 306-002, , - , ONLREM UNM LEARN

Course syllabi (if available)

Previously Taught Courses

  • MGMT 306, Organizational Behavior and Diversity

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