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Student-Managed Investment Program

In 2006, the Board of Regents of the University of New Mexico made available $2 million of the Regents' Endowment Fund to establish an all-equity investment portfolio to be managed by Anderson School of Management students. The portfolio is managed under the supervision of faculty members as part of the students' course work in finance.

The curriculum for the program consists of a 3-course sequence which is offered at both the undergraduate and MBA level. The courses are Investments, Equity Security Analysis, and Applied Investments Management.

The Investments course (MGMT 471 for BBAs/MGMT 571 for MBAs) provides an introduction to the fundamental theories and practices of investment analysis and management.

The Equity Security Analysis (MGMT 472 for BBAs/MGMT 572 for MBAs) course covers company valuation and equity analysis. Students serve as the program's equity research analysts. The students are responsible for providing the research valuation reports and recommendations for stock holdings, and they also look for new stocks to recommend.

The Applied Investments Management course (MGMT 479 for BBAs/MGMT 579 for MBAs) is the final course in the sequence and provides the hands-on management of the Regents' Portfolio. The student “portfolio managers” make recommendations for how to allocate the equity portfolio among sector exchange-traded funds and individual stocks as well as how to allocate and cash. They also are responsible for monitoring, reporting, and risk management as well as the long-term trend positions.

An Investment Advisory Committee (IAC), consisting of 9 investment professionals, acts as the oversight body to the program and approves any purchase and sale recommendations made by the students. The portfolio is managed between semesters by student volunteers with faculty supervision.

Portfolio Positions as of January 31, 2015

Quarterly Reports for Regents' Portfolio