IA Endorsed Courses

IA Endorsed Courses are courses from UNM departments that have included components of innovation, creativity, and entrepreneurship into their curriculum. These courses are endorsed by the Innovation Academy to give students access to our mindset across subject areas.


AFST/CCS/NATV/SUST/WMST 109: Race in the Digital Age


ALBS 2110: The Business of Being an Artist

ALB *365: Social Media for Arts Marketing

ALB *370 PR: Fundraising for the Arts

ALB *370 PR: Leadership for Creatives

ALB *410: Arts Entrepreneurship

ALB *470: Advanced Topics in Arts Leadership and Business​


AMST 310: Police, Violence and Social Control

AMST 350: Immigration and Assimilation

AMST 353: Race Relations in America

AMST 356: Indigenous Internationalism


ANTH 350: Human Biology

ANTH/CJ/LING 310/319/359: Language and Culture


ARCH 462 / 662: ecoMOD Seminar

ARCH 462 / 662: Architecture, Innovation and Fabrication

ARCH 462 / 662: Computational Ecologies

ARCH 462 / 662: Emerging Technology for Designers

ARCH 462 / 662: Design, Build, Bank!

ARCH 472 / 572: Design Visualization

ARCH 472 / 572: Intro to Processing

ARCH 472 / 672: Introduction to Digital Production


ARTS 441/541: Computational Sustainability


BIOL 201L: Molecular and Cell Biology


BME 598: Engineering Design for Global Health

BME 598: Intro to Engineering Adaptable Designs for the Community


CBE 101: Introduction to Chemical Engineering and Nuclear Engineering

CBE 499/515: Engineering Design for Global Health

CBE 499/515: Intro to Engineering Adaptable Designs for the Community


CCS 460: Chicanos and Latinos in a Global Society


CJ 278: Writing and Editing for Multimedia Journalism

CJ 314: Intercultural Communication

CJ 326: Gender and Communication

CJ 332: Business and Professional Speaking

CJ 360: Broadcast News 1

CJ 375: Intermediate Reporting

CJ 376: Media Management

CJ 393: Media Entrepreneurship

CJ 475: Advanced Multimedia Journalism

CJ 171L: Introduction to Media Writing


CRP 181: Introduction to Environmental Problems


CS 351: Design of Large Programs

CS 460: Software Engineering


ECON 105: Introductory Macroeconomics

ECON 106: Introductory Microeconomics

ECON 395: Behavioral Economics and Policy

ECON/POLS/SOC 395,538/300, 512/398: Evaluation Lab I: Developing Analytical Skills to Serve

Community Organizations in New Mexico


ENGL 219: Technical and Professional Writing

ENGL 315: Interdisciplinary Approaches to Literature

ENGL 418: Proposal and Grant Writing

ENGL 418: World Changing Proposals


HIST 326: History of Christianity to 1517

HIST 327: History of Christianity 1517-present


IFDM 105: Interdisciplinary Film + Digital Media

IFDM/ARCH 491/462, 662: Data Sphere: visualization of urban complexities

IFDM/ARCH 491/462, 662: Creating for Novel Displays

IFDM/CJ 491/393: Mobile reporting technology


MA 210: Introduction to Film Studies

MA 435: International Horror Film


MATH 116: Math and Music


MGMT 190: Influence and Persuasion in Organizations: A Scientific Approach

MGMT 190: Business Boot Camp

MGMT 202: Principles of Accounting

MGMT 324: New Venture Creation

MGMT 329: Data Management

MGMT 362: Leadership Development

MGMT 427: Global Experiential Learning

MGMT 435: Marketing Strategy

MGMT 464: Human Resource Management

MGMT 483: International Marketing

MGMT 485: Retail Management

MGMT 568: Creative Leadership


OILS 420: Creativity and Technical Design

OILS 466: Principles of Adult Learning

OILS 481: Technological Change and Society


PADM 522: Program Evaluation


PCST 340: Evolution of Religiosity


POLS 200: American Politics

POLS 260: Political Ideas

POLS 309: Black Politics

POLS 313: Women and the Law

POLS 361: Ancient and Medieval Political theory


PSY 105: General Psychology

PSY 240: Brain and Behavior

PSY 375: Psychology of Women

PSY 433: Depression: Prevention, Diagnosis and Treatment

PSY 454: Positive Psychology


RELG 347: New Religions


SOC 213: Deviance

SOC 310: Sociology of Aging and the Aged

SOC 331: Social Movements

SOC 340: Sociology of Medical Practice

SOC 412: Sociology of Police and Social control

SOC 461: Visualizing Global Change


STAT 145: Introduction to Statistics

STAT 345: Elements of Mathematical Statistics and Probability Theory

STAT 427: Advanced Data Analysis 1

STAT 428: Advanced Data Analysis 2

STAT 427, 527: Advanced Data Analysis I


SUST 1134: Creating a Sustainable Future: Intro to Environmental, Social and Economic Health

SUST 334:Local and Global Environmental Justice: A Practicumfor Campus or Community

SUST 364:Local Food Systems Practicum

SUST 434: Synthesis of Sustainability Perspectives and Innovations

SUST 499: Sustainability Independent Capstone Project as Research or Creative Expression


UHON 204: Globalization and Human Rights

UHON 205: Researching College Athletics: History, Ideals, and Change

UHON 301: The Publishing Process

UHON 401: Local Games in ABQ

UHON 402: Big Data, Big Opportunities


UNIV 391: Leadership in Student Organization


WMST 313: Women and the Law

WMST 379: Women, Medicine and Health

WMST 498: Feminism in Action​