Operations Management Concentration Information

The Operations Management concentration provides students with management skills for planning, controlling and improving the performance of people and processes used to transform multiple inputs into goods and services required to satisfy customers. Students with a concentration in POM are well-prepared to contribute to the economic development and competitiveness of New Mexico and the U.S. by taking advantage of excellent career opportunities in consulting, inventory planning, purchasing, quality management, productivity improvement, supply chain management, production control and scheduling, and material resource planning in a wide variety of manufacturing and service industries.

Job opportunities exist in positions such as production supervisor, operations analyst, materials manager, production planner, buyer/planner, purchasing manager, and others. Local employers of Operations Management graduates include Ford Motor Company, Bueno Foods, Baxter Health Care, Sandia National Labs, General Electric, Plastech, Intel, and Honeywell. Regional and national organizations that recruit Operations Management graduates include Marriott Corporation (Colorado), EDS (Michigan), IBM (Oregon), and various agencies of the Federal Government.

Operations Curriculum Information and Checklists

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