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Anderson Strategic Plan

(approved April 2015)


The mission of the Anderson School of Management is to serve as New Mexico's flagship institution of business education through demonstrated and growing excellence in teaching, research, and business and civic engagement.

Anderson's ongoing commitment serves to:

  • Educate and encourage students to develop the values, knowledge, leadership and business skills that they need to be engaged and well-informed citizens and successful business community members.
  • Discover and disseminate new knowledge that enhances business practices and contributes to the well-being of the citizens of the State of New Mexico.
  • Actively support community development and economic development to enhance the quality of life for all New Mexicans.


The destination for our region's students, scholars and business leaders seeking to expand their current horizons, and the key knowledge and educational resource provider to for-profit businesses, non-profit organizations, tribal communities, and New Mexico government entities.

Tagline: New Mexico business lives here.

Strategic Goal 1: BECOME the Regional BUSINESS SCHOOL of Choice

Objective 1.1: Increase the quality of the undergraduate education

Objective 1.2: Increase the quality of the graduate education

Objective 1.3: Improve experience

Objective 1.4: Increase the number and variety of employers recruiting at Anderson

Objective 1.5: Position Anderson School of Management's executive and professional education as the premier continuing business education provider in the region

Strategic Goal 2: Prepare Lobos for Lifelong Success

Objective 2.1: Provide excellent academic programs and academic experiences

Objective 2.2: Provide access to initial and ongoing career opportunities

Strategic Goal 3: Advance Discovery and Innovation

Objective 3.1: Attract and retain faculty who are engaged in excellent teaching and research

Objective 3.2: Attract and retain staff who facilitate excellence in support of Anderson's mission

Objective 3.3: Develop a coordinated strategy to increase visibility and impact of research to non-academic stakeholders

Objective 3.4: Promote research excellence

Strategic Goal 4: Advance and Accelerate Community Development and/or Economic Development

Objective 4.1: Actively support community development and economic development recognizing and respecting the significant differences and linkages between the two

Objective 4.2: Provide management and leadership education to non-traditional areas that impact community and/or economic development

Strategic Goal 5: Improve Anderson School Infrastructure

Objective 5.1: Strengthen governance structure

Objective 5.2: Build a culture where faculty and staff demonstrate through their actions the existing Anderson Code of Ethics

Objective 5.3: Strengthen financial integrity

Objective 5.4: Improve Anderson facilities

Objective 5.5: Develop a plan for providing additional research support regularly for academic programs