The McKinnon Distinguished CEO Series

Sonnet and Ian McKinnon The McKinnon Distinguished CEO Series was created in 2010 by Anderson alum, Sonnet McKinnon, and her husband, D. Ian McKinnon, as an expression of their commitment to UNM and the Anderson School.

This endowed CEO Series provides a glimpse into the minds of successful entrepreneurs and business leaders. These distinguished leaders will articulate lessons learned and provide insight into our complex business world. Alumni, friends and the business community members benefit from discussions ranging from business ethics to practical applications of academic theory. These events are free and open to the public.

Latest CEO Series Event:  November 8, 2022

A Conversation with Peter Sanchez
CEO, Atrisco Companies

Peter Sanchez Peter A. Sanchez leads a dynamic group in reinventing the Atrisco Land Grant organization and continuing its 400-year presence in this country.

He strives to position the organization as a community partner that finds opportunities to provide support that enhances lives. Recognizing that improving the conditions of a community may take many forms, his focus lies in areas such as economic development, education and cultural forms of betterment.

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Anderson Hall of Fame

Scott ElderTo cap off this event, we will recognize our first inductee of the 34th class into the Anderson Hall of Fame:
Scott Elder, MBA '17, Superintendent, Albuquerque Public Schools

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