Getting Started on the B Corp Certification Journey: Advice from Existing B Corps

Dawn Boulware, Taos Ski Valley

Dawn BoulwareHow did you start the certification process?

After vetting to see if certification was right for us, we just basically jumped into the BIA and started answering the questions. We didn’t use other resources.

In the first few months of starting the b corp certification process, we reached out throughout the organization to get the answers to some of the questions – mainly human resources, accounting, purchasing and facilities teams. Andy Fyfe at B Lab was helpful as well throughout the process. Once we submitted the assessment. Once we submitted the assessment, we had a call with B Lab and had to submit our verification of certain item.

What would you do differently if you were getting certified the first time?

Our communication out about our certification could have been more robust both internally and externally. That is one area I think may get overlooked because the focus/energy is on achieving certification. It is important to think about now that the company is certified, then what? How and why do you communicate the certification – internally, externally, suppliers, applicants? What is your plan for the next three years until you need to re-certify? How do you ingrain the B Corp culture and ethos into your organization? How do you engage in the B Corp community?

What resources would you suggest for an aspiring b corp?

Carrie Freeman, Second Muse

Carrie FreemanHow did you start the certification process?

Start by taking the assessment ( Let Finance and HR know that you are doing it.

What would you do differently if you were getting certified the first time?

Communicating internally with your team about it- all along the way. Provide detailed examples of assessment questions and how the company is performing against them.