Anderson Digital Signage

Anderson has a number of large format digital signs on its campus including the STSC (Computer Lab), Advisement Office, and the Jackson Student Center (JSC).  The signs run 24/7/365 and convey a variety of information to the Anderson and UNM community (students, faculty, staff, and visitors).  Content includes information about events, meetings, closings, and other information pertaining to the Anderson community.  Other UNM department/groups may post content.  As a general rule, content must be reviewed and approved before it is posted.  Content will also have an expiration date to ensure that the information on the digital signs is fresh and up-to-date.

If you would like to submit content, please use the submission form.  To effectively communicate your message, please refer to the guideline link (below) for proper size and length.  Currently, Anderson displays are in landscape/horizontal format.

Guidelines for Digital Signage Content

A slide for a digital sign can include many things.  Keep in mind that the UNM brand must be considered and that your content should be "short and sweet".  Detailed fliers should be reduced in content.  If possible, please provide a web site with detailed information.  Always consider the following in your slide:  Who, What Where, When, Why and How.  More information and examples about digital signage content can be found on the UNM Brand site.

Digital Signage Content Best Practices